Minneapolis, Minnesota has long been home to a punk/hardcore scene that marches to a beat all it’s own. Among the newest wave of bands keeping this spirit alive is five-piece melodic hardcore outfit HOUSEHOLD. Despite the members just recently finishing high school, they have consistently created music that has been impossible to ignore. While comparisons to Killing The Dream, Shai Hulud, and Sinking Ships are often made, it’s evident HOUSEHOLD are willing to defy convention and craft truly unique songs showcasing a sound all their own.

Now teamed with Blood & Ink Records (who also worked with Minnesota hardcore luminaries Venia), HOUSEHOLD have prepared their first proper release, an EP entitled “With or Without”. The effort demonstrates the band’s creativity and masterful songwriting, while staying true to the lexicon of melodic hardcore they find so inspiring. This young band is making a statement: they’re worth your attention and have just scratched the surface of what they can do.


Household “With or Without” streaming now on Bandcamp.


STREAM: HOUSEHOLD “WITH OR WITHOUT  http://bloodandink.bandcamp.com/

HOUSEHOLD are currently premiering their debut album, With or Without, in its entirety via Bandcamp. The record is officially due out tomorrow, September 30, via Blood & Ink Records.

Fans can purchase the album on Bandcamp for $5.00 this week only.

Preorder Household “With or Without”


Preorders for HOUSEHOLD “With or Without” are now available and we couldn’t be more excited! We are offering limited vinyl colors and preorder packages on our webstore and bandcamp.

“With or Without” will be available everywhere September 30, 2014 via Blood & Ink Records.

PRE-ORDER HERE: store.bloodandinkrecords.com

HOUSEHOLD will be touring this fall to support their release. Here is a list of their current tour plans:

08/27/14 Minneapolis, MN @ The Household
09/19/14 Fargo, ND @ The New Direction
09/21/14 Minneapolis, MN @ The Free Space
09/22/14 Lacrosse, WI @ The Warehouse
09/23/14 Moline, IL @ Bierstube
09/24/14 Lansing, MI @ Macs
09/26/14 Toronto, CA @ The Central
10/02/14 Oxford, MA @ The Penalty Box

SONG PREMIER: Household “Purpose”


STREAM: “Purpose” – http://underthegunreview.net/

HOUSEHOLD has teamed up with Under The Gun Review to stream their song “Purpose” off their upcoming release With or Without, available September 30, 2014 via Blood & Ink Records.

Blood & Ink Records has announced pre-orders on bandcamp and their webstore for their newest release HOUSEHOLD With or Without – Available September 30, 2014.

PRE-ORDER HEREstore.bloodandinkrecords.com

Video for Household’s “Reservoir”

Check out the music video for Household “Reservoir” at New Noise Magazine right now! This is the first song off Household’s debut EP, out later this year on Blood & Ink Records!

Household joins B&I family!


HOUSEHOLD has joined the Blood & Ink family and will be releasing their debut EP later this year!

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, HOUSEHOLD has unleashed a raw yet mature blend of modern, melodic hardcore. Just barely out of high school, these five have already learned what it means to work hard and make a name for themselves in the Minneapolis scene. With no concern for the status quo, their take on punk/hardcore is passionate, intense and simply refreshing. Comparisons to the likes of Killing the Dream, Shai Hulud and Sinking Ships seem fitting yet HOUSEHOLD provide enough of their own take on the sound to create their own brand of melodic hardcore. Keep an eye out for these guys in the coming year!