THE SATIRE aren’t just a band, but more so a group of friends who can’t help but create music together, feeling burdened at their deepest core to do so.   Often challenged by distance, as members find themselves scattered, or simply by the obligations of day-to-day life, these songs capture just that urgency and chaos.  Once you hear them, you’ll know why it’s not surprising they were invited by long-time friends The Chariot to join them on tour in Europe.  Hopefully these three songs are just the beginning for this incredibly talented band.


Blood & Ink Welcomes The Satire

This one’s been a long-time coming…  We are extremely happy to announce that Blood & Ink Records has teamed with Chicago, IL based band The Satire to digitally release their new self-titled EP.  Chaotic and energetic, this EP documents one of the craziest bands around.  We have been friends with these guys for years now and it’s awesome to finally be able to work with them.

The EP is available for download and streaming now via Bandcamp here and will be released via iTunes, Amazon, etc. next Tuesday, October 25th.