It’s hard to talk about Spirit-filled hardcore without bringing up Strongarm.  As one of the earliest purveyors of this now classic scene, Strongarm were also among the few to transcend both classification and scene boundaries.  Alongside fellow South Florida hardcore outfit and friends Shai Hulud, Strongarm crafted a unique style of melodic hardcore still heard in bands today, all of whom readily acknowledge Strongarm as a major influence.  Members would later continue to defy boundaries with their seminal work in Further Seems Forever too.

With their debut album, Atonement, Strongarm quickly garnered national and international attention.  Since it’s release on CD and cassette (on Tooth & Nail Records) in 1995, this incredible album has only continued to grow in popularity, all the while making its mark on each new generation of hardcore fans.  Now, for the first time ever on vinyl, Blood & Ink Records is pleased to release Atonement on LP, breathing yet another breathe into an album every hardcore fan should own.


Strongarm Vinyl Has Arrived!

Just a quick note to let everyone know the Strongarm “Atonement” LPs came in today and look awesome!  We’re working hard all night to get pre-orders packed and are hoping to have them all in the mail by Thursday at the latest… so if you took advantage of our special deal or picked up a single copy, expect them to arrive soon.

For the test press contest, we’re going to randomly pack it in with one of the eligible orders so we won’t even know who the winner is… if it’s you, let us know!

If you haven’t yet ordered a copy of this classic release, available on vinyl for the first time ever, swing on over to the B&I Webstore and pick one up.  We have a very limited quantity of the rarest color (black) still available, but they’ll be gone soon, so make sure to order soon if you’re hoping to get one of those.

Strongarm “Atonement” LP Pre-Order Launched!

It’s finally here… you can actually buy copies of this incredible, classic release on vinyl!  We’re offering a couple of cool deals too and if you buy either of the combo deals, you’ll be entered to win a Strongarm “Atonement” LP test pressing!

For those who care about the nerdy stuff, there are two colors available, black vinyl (limited to 100 copies) and clear green vinyl (limited to 400 copies).  Get ’em before they’re gone!

B&I To Release Strongarm LP

We are extremely pleased to announce that Blood & Ink Records will be releasing the seminal Spirit-filled hardcore album Atonement by Strongarm on vinyl LP!  Nearly a year in the making and 15 years after the original release of Atonement on CD and cassette by Tooth & Nail Records, we will be pressing this classic release on vinyl for the first time ever (and currently the only in-print format)!

The legacy of Strongarm is unquestionable.  Alongside fellow South Floridians and friends Shai Hulud, Strongarm forged an entirely new take on hardcore, combining the genre’s power with more technical and melodic elements unlike any had done before.  What would follow is a long line of great music, all with direct roots in this incredible band.  The list of bands citing Strongarm as an influence goes on and on: Life In Your Way, Saints Never Surrender, Means, It Prevails, Dependency, and many more.  Not only did Strongarm have a major impact on the Spirit-filled scene, but hardcore in general felt their awesome reach.

More details and pre-orders for this LP version of Atonement will be announced soon.  In the meantime, check out this Darren Doane directed video for the song “Trials”…