THE ATTENDING didn’t come about like most bands.  Following his departure from Life In Your Way in July 2008, Corey Stroffolino began working on solo material and recording songs with long-time friend Greg Thomas (who has recorded such bands as Shai Hulud, Hostage Calm, and Ambitions) at Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CT.  Although these initial efforts fizzled after about 6 months due to various other responsibilities (including Stroffolino filling in regularly for Defeater), a personal tragedy brought him home in the Summer of 2010 with a lot on his mind.  Ultimately, the time at home manifested a renewed interest in his songs and Stroffolino formed a proper band with Thomas Lavery, David Alcan, and Brian DiCrescenzo, giving THE ATTENDING a new life.

Over the next year, the group reworked 3 of the original songs recorded by Stroffolino and crafted 4 more, recording all the while with Thomas at Silver Bullet Studios.  The final product of their efforts, 7 songs of hook-laden dynamic rock, would come to be known as Are You Watching Closely?, the band’s debut release on Blood & Ink Records.

While the road has been a long one for THE ATTENDING, they are just getting started.  With plans for touring in 2012 and their songwriting accomplishments thus far undeniably just scratching the surface, the road stretches even further in front of them.


The Attending Join Blood & Ink Family

We are very excited to announce that The Attending have joined the Blood & Ink Records family!

Started as a solo project by Corey Stroffolino (ex-Life In Your Way) and recording off and on over nearly 2 years, The Attending evolved into a full-fledged band and offer Are You Watching Closely? as their debut release (out 11/22 via B&I). These seven songs capture the band’s dynamic balance of indie sensibilities with more catchy rock elements, all topped off with intriguing lyrics.  Are You Watching Closely? was recorded by Greg Thomas (Shai Hulud, Hostage Calm, Ambitions), mastered by Alan Douches, and features artwork by Charlie Wagers of Three Bears Design (Cool Hand Luke, Giants, Gifts From Enola).

A song from The Attending’s Are You Watching Closely? can be heard on the B&I Bandcamp here and preorders (including a special priced CD/shirt combo) can be purchased here.