In today’s underground metal scene, it’s easy to get lost in a dense fog of endless breakdowns and big hair. As the genre gains popularity, there seem to be fewer exceptions to these traits in an overdone, over-saturated market. BESIEGED is one of the exceptions.

Hailing from Michigan’s tri-cities, BESIEGED is an explosive force in underground music; they do exactly as they please, with complete disregard for fleeting trends in the scene. Drawing upon an extremely vast array of influences, the five members of BESIEGED have created their own devastating sound, combining melodic metal with the more punishing elements of hardcore, while staying true to their passionate musical vision.

With several national tours already under their belts, BESIEGED aren’t just turning heads – they’re grabbing skulls.



Michigan’s BESIEGED have announced the departure of vocalist Mattie Montgomery from their line-up. Montgomery, who joined the band earlier this year just in time to record vocals for the band’s debut album Atlantis, has left on amicable terms to pursue other musical endeavors.

The band released the following statement:

“Mattie Montgomery, our vocalist, has decided to pursue musical goals that are differing from those of the rest of the band. Mattie has been a great addition to BESIEGED, and, more importantly, he has been a great friend to all of us.”

In the wake of this departure, BESIEGED are currently looking for a vocalist. Anyone interested in possibly taking on this role can find more information at:


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Also, thanks to all who came and said hello at Cornerstone a few weeks ago. It means a lot to us to get to meet people appreciating what we do. Hope to see you next year again!


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BESIEGED have posted the first sampling of their debut full length online. Entitled “INRI”, the track is the first to be made available from the recently completed album Atlantis, due out in June on Blood & Ink Records.

To check out BESIEGED‘s “INRI”, visit the band’s myspace at:


BESIEGED have announced that Mattie Montgomery has taken over vocal duties for the band following the departure of their previous singer a few weeks ago. Formerly of the band EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, Montgomery has already begun recording vocal tracks for the band’s debut album, Atlantis, due out in June.

BESIEGED are still currently seeking a guitarist to fill the remaining vacancy in their line-up. Those interested can reach the band via email at: