BURDEN OF A DAY will stake their reputation on their ability to perform. Playing out with bands like MORTAL TREASON, CHASING VICTORY, STAPLE, ANAM CARA, and FOREVER CHANGED to name a few, they’ve exhibited an energy and a presence seldom paralleled by even their more accomplished peers. Hailing from Sarasota, Florida – a retired people’s town with a music scene as cold and unforgiving as the winters most move there to escape – they’ve managed to accumulate a following that keeps even their smallest shows well populated.

Formed in January of 2004, they’ve fast developed a natural chemistry, allowing them to constantly evolve as musicians, aiming beyond the simple, straight-forward songwriting that plagues a lot of bands in their genre. Genre is a bit of a tricky subject… When asked, they’d probably tell you post hardcore/screamo or something along those lines. Although watching them play, one might be prone to question the “Post” part of that description. These boys are hard. Heartfelt and melodic, but not afraid to throw in a breakdown or two… which is more than occasionally. Influences include the likes of THRICE, THE BLED, REFUSED, THURSDAY, BELOVED, ALL THAT REMAINS, and many more. While staying true to the music they love and grew up with, BURDEN OF A DAY is ready and able to progress forward and pass the message on to the next generation.



Following the departure of guitarist Bryan Honhart, BURDEN OF A DAY have announced the addition of Mike Sommers to their line-up to fill the vacancy. Sommers has been a longtime friend of the band, having played numerous shows alongside BURDEN OF A DAY with his previous endeavor RILEY VS. AUBREY. Sommers is also the brother of the band’s other guitarist Josh Sommers.

In related news, BURDEN OF A DAY will be performing at Blood & Ink Fest alongside labelmates XLOOKING FORWARDX, WIDOWS & ORPHANS, BESIEGED, and SAINTS NEVER SURRENDER, which will also feature noted speaker Jay Bakker. Blood & Ink Fest is scheduled to take place in Virginia Beach, VA on April 21st at Club Relevant.


BURDEN OF A DAY have been announced as the local opener for the Taste Of Chaos Tour’s stop in Tampa, Florida. Having beat out 7000+ entrants for the opportunity, they will share the stage with THE USED, 30 SECONDS TO MARS, SENSES FAIL, SAOSIN, CHIODOS, AIDEN, and EVALINE on March 11th at the USF Sundome in Tampa.

More information about the tour can be found online at: http://www.tasteofchaos.com.


The day has come! You can now preorder your copy of the new album from Florida’s BURDEN OF A DAY, Pilots & Paper Planes, from our webstore. You can get the CD alone, or choose between two preorder specials (CD + one shirt or CD + two shirts). Visit the webstore for more information and don’t miss out on this great debut!


We’re so excited to finally have the new BURDEN OF A DAY album completely recorded. Trust us, this one is going to be awesome!

Recorded at Planet Red Studios in Richmond, Virginia by Chris Dowhan, the album will be entitled Pilots & Paper Planes and should hit stores on May 9th. You know it’s going to sound stellar too, as Planet Red has done the newest albums from the likes of SCARLET, SPITFIRE, WINTER SOLSTICE, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, etc. A sampling of the artwork should be up on the site soon too (design being handled by Myk from ENLOW).

We’ve posted a demo from the new album, recorded a few months back, in the media section, so definitely check that out. Also, we’ll have tourdates soon for the official Blood & Ink Records Tour featuring BURDEN OF A DAY, ENLOW, and one more yet-to-be-named band very shortly… stay tuned!