Oklahoma’s best kept secret of hardcore/punk greatness return for a long overdue follow up to 2003’s album, The Desperate Letters. Even during a brief hiatus in 2004, ENLOW’s popularity did not diminish, instead growing dramatically over the course of that year. Having recently recorded the triumphant return that is their new full length, The Recovery, with legendary producer/musician Stephen Egerton of THE DESCENDENTS (MXPX, LESS THAN JAKE, GOOD RIDDANCE), ENLOW are ready to show the world this album was well worth the wait.



If the whole digital music thing is for you, check out the two new Blood & Ink releases from ENLOW and SKYLINES that are now on iTunes. Check it out at www.itunes.com.


We’re very excited to have the new album from ENLOW, The Recovery, out today! Being the first new release we’re distributing through Lumberjack Mordam, the CD should be much easier to get as well. Pretty much any store you might visit will either have the CD or will be able to order it, so pick this great record up. Oh, and if you’d rather just get it directly from us, we have them in the Blood & Ink online store too.

The Recovery has already received a ton of critical acclaim, having been written up in the most recent HM Magazine (full page feature!) and on a number of webzines. We’re sure you’ll like it, so please check it out!


Well, just want to take the time to thank everyone who has helped/supported Blood & Ink Records in 2005 and tell you all that we look forward to continuing to provide some of the best music we can in 2006. We would be nothing without those who buy our releases, support our bands, and so on, so truly from the depths of our hearts we thank you.

To kick 2006 off with a bang, we’ve posted the preorder for ENLOW’s new full length, The Recovery, out January 24th. This album is sure to blow away all expectations and will hopefully set the mark high for things to follow this year.

As a special promotion, we’re offering ENLOW The Recovery plus a free shirt for the low price of $9.99 with preorders made through January 10th! To preorder, please visit our store.