Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, NESHAMAH offer an insight into one of the least exposed hardcore scenes in the world. Having already self released their debut album, As the Grass Withers So Its Flower Falls, as well as having released an EP, In My Heart, and a split with RAPTURE OF THE MEEK for Blood & Ink Records, just because they’re from South Africa doesn’t mean they haven’t been active.

NESHAMAH has done their fair share of touring as well, venturing throughout South Africa three times and playing various festivals up and down the country. The band also toured the US in 2001, including an appearance at the annual Cornerstone Festival in Illinois. NESHAMAH has even been on national TV in their country a number of times, as well as on various extreme sports programs and videos around the globe. Needless to say, they’ve definitely not let their location hold them back.

The band’s older music clearly exhibited a love for hardcore, while their newer songs have seen their sound move in a more metal influenced direction, adding to the old NESHAMAH feel. This is also a band not shy about their beliefs and what they stand for, yet they do not believe in forcing opinions down people’s throats. Those lucky enough to see them live have fun and rock out, all the while knowing the band’s message is an important part of their music. That’s what they are about: being real to real people.

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