We get a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking us to check out bands and wonder how to submit demos, so we figured we’d post the information on our website.  Please take the time to read below, as it will help you get your music heard by us at Blood & Ink Records.  PLEASE READ EVERYTHING.

Does Blood & Ink check out bands online?
While we won’t deny we’ve definitely found at least one of our bands online, they didn’t message us first.  In all fairness, listening to your music that you’ve likely put a lot of time into via small computer speakers from a website with notoriously poor audio quality just doesn’t seem fair to anyone (and more often than not doesn’t do the music justice).  This doesn’t even take into account how often Myspace/Facebook/etc. players are unavailable, choppy, etc.
Bottom line: we’d much rather you send us a CD in the mail (so read on).

How does a band submit a demo CD to Blood & Ink?
Get together a packet of info including demo CD, photos, biography, and anything else you think we’d like to check out and send it to:

Blood & Ink Records
attn: Demo Submission
PO Box 27265
Richmond, VA 23261

Be sure to include all your contact information (you’d be amazed at the amount of demos we receive that have no contact information). Take pride in your band and submit a professional looking package. First impressions mean a lot.

Also, be aware that Blood & Ink is a Christian label exclusively.

Hopefully this helps.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing your music!