As we release more and more vinyl, we figure people would like to know the pressing information for these releases.  Below you can find complete breakdowns of each release and what colors were pressed.  Enjoy.

BAI014: No Innocent Victim “To Burn Again” LP
Test Pressing
15 test pressings (numbered on label – no special cover)

1st Pressing
2 marble purple (numbered on label)
2 orange/red swirl (numbered on label)
5 red/black swirl (numbered on label)
100 clear (numbered on label)
200 marble blue
300 clear gold
400 clear red

BAI029: Saints Never Surrender “Brutus” LP
Test Pressing
25 test pressings

1st Pressing
100 white
200 red
200 orange

BAI039: Strongarm “Atonement” LP
Test Pressing
5 “bad” test pressings (numbered in red – photocopied special cover)
5 “good” test pressings (numbered in black – photocopied special cover)

1st Pressing
25 black (Cornerstone 2010 version – pressing plant labels, numbered, and screened cover)
100 black (standard labels and cover)
400 clear green

BAI040: Venia “I’ve Lost All Faith In Myself” 7″
Test Pressing
35 test pressings (numbered – Fall 2010 Tour covers)

1st Pressing
5 clear/yellow mix (numbered on cover)
52 black
175 clear
311 solid yellow

2nd Pressing
5 gold/black/white mix (numbered on cover)
202 clear gold
261 grey marble
20 grey marble vinyl (Breast Fest 2011 version – pink diecut covers, b/w insert, numbered)
20 grey marble vinyl (Cornerstone 2011 version – black diecut covers, blue insert, numbered)
17 grey marble vinyl (Sound & Fury 2011 version – black diecut covers, neon green insert, numbered)
10 grey marble vinyl (Stand Together Fest 2012 version – Chad Urich illustrated cover, numbered)

BAI042: Jawbone “Loss Of Innocence” 7″
Test Pressing
15 test pressings (numbered – test press cover)

1st Pressing
54 black
153 clear/black mix
304 clear red/black mix

BAI044: Figure Four “Suffering The Loss” LP
Test Pressing
40 test pressings
(30 numbered out of 30 for Rain Fest 2011 and 10 numbered out of 10 for Cornerstone 2011 – screened cover)

1st Pressing
1 clear yellow/clear green/black mix
2 clear green/black mix
54 black
158 clear blue
325 clear yellow/black mix

BAI054: Strengthen What Remains “Turning A Blind Eye” LP
Test Pressing
30 test pressings

1st Pressing
263 Clear
209 Translucent Red
53 Black

2nd Pressing
xxx Pink
xxx Blue

BAI056: With Increase “Death Is Inevitable” LP
Test Pressing
10 test pressings

1st Pressing
96 Solid Red
198 Black

BAI057: Comrades “Safekeeper” LP
Test Pressing
15 test pressings (faulty locked groove)
5 test pressings

1st Pressing
12 transition colors
250 Blue
150 Red/Yellow Mix
94 Black

2nd Pressing
432 Green/Clear Mix
98 Silver/Clear Mix

BAI058: Household “With or Without” 12″
Test Pressing
25 test pressings

1st Pressing
200 Transparent Green / Yellow Mix
200 White / Orange Mix
84 Black

BAI060: Strengthen What Remains “Justice Creeps Slow” 7″

1st Pressing
100 Black
100 Blue
300 Red